My Blue Frame


I found this frame two summers ago (2012). My parents were flooded twice in one year and I found this frame in what used to be a semi permanent tent/shed. It wasn’t made to withstand a flood let alone two.  The frame originally had a painting in it. Of what, I don’t know. All the color had washed out of it and when I picked up the frame the paper part fell out. I knew this would make a great DIY project.

I brought it home. Cleaned it up. Then browsed pintrest. Check out my boards here and here. I decided to spray paint it my favorite color, teal. I wanted to hang lots of small photos in it, I just wasn’t sure how yet.


I strung three pieces of twine across for a clothes line effect. I hung it on the wall to see how straight my twine was. I didn’t like the way it looked. It sat like that on the wall for awhile. (I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s what happened.)


I’m not sure where (probably pintrest) but I came across the idea of using chicken wire. I knew my parents had some and asked for a piece. It needed a washing and then I spray painted it a black metallic color.


I stapled the chicken wire to the back of the frame. I cut off the extra wire. I hung the frame up on the wall to admire it. We admired it again with out photos for awhile more.


Then June of this year (2013) we moved from our apartment to a house. Yay! My giant frame was the first to be hung  on the wall at the new house. Then, I finally picked out some photos. Had them printed in black and white from Shutterfly (with a coupon code).


I wanted black and white for a timeless or classic look. I tried to choose photos that had meaning or history. Our marriage photo, the babies being weighed at birth, babies with grandparents, first birthdays, etc.  I cropped them to 4×4 and then matted them on 4.25×4.25 white card stock. I wanted the white border and the cardstock helps them stay flat. I then used tiny clothes pins that I bought from and hung them up.


That is the story of my blue frame. I love the way it turned out. It took a long time but I love it. I do plan on updating some of the photos. Probably next summer. At the time baby photos were cute but I would like to look at some more recent photos. I am working on more pieces to make a gallery wall of sort. I will share as I go but who knows how long it will take to finish? Smile

Any projects take you a lloonngg time to finish?

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “My Blue Frame

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