1st unofficial day of Summer

Today was the 1st day of not waking up the boys. The 1st day of not rushing Garrett to eat, brush his teeth, get shoes on, and get him out the door. The 1st day of not having to watch the clock and load kids up to go get him from the bus. Today is our 1st day of unofficial Summer. Emmett slept until 7:30am, Garrett slept until 8:00am and Juliett slept until 9:00am. I sat and enjoyed this view my spot on the couch. It was a wonderful, relaxing start to summer.


While sitting and enjoying the very peaceful quiet, I started thinking about this summer and came up with a list of things I would like to do with the kids. I tried not to get too crazy and I think its all doable with all three kids.


What is on your summer to do list?

Hello June.

Hello June

The beginning of each month I’m going to share my goals. Then at the end of the month I will share my progress. I’m hoping this will keep me motivated.

My goals for the month of June:

1. to blog regularly Monday thru Friday

2. to have my digital photos purged and tagged (I have only have five years left out of eight total)

3. to start and catch up on some sort of project life album

4. to catch up on my layouts for MHK Scraps.

If you have set goals for the month, year, or even the day, I wish you luck. What are some of your goals?

My 1st weaving project


A couple of my favorite bloggers have shared some weavings that they have done. I didn’t like them at first but the more weavings I saw the more interested I got. Then after reading this post at AnnMarieLoves I bought Martha Stewart loom kit.

I tried my hand at weaving. I started small as I wasn’t sure what I was doing and if I would like it. I loved it! Now I have this small weaving and no idea what to do with it.  The idea actually came to me as I was weaving. I will stick a photo on it. Now I have to finish a couple crochet projects before I do any more weaving or they will never get done.

Preserving Heritage Photos: step one




My grandma gave a me bunch of photos of my dad from his childhood. This is what she gave me. Thirty-two photos glued to the back of a big framed picture, minus the frame.


I was very grateful for these photos but I had no idea what to do with it. I did know that this was bad and I had to get those pictures off of that board as soon as possible. I bought some photo safe Un Do. Then finally, a couple of years later, I got around to removing them. I used the UN DO on Velcro adhesive for a different project, so I knew it worked.


It said photo safe but I still was very unsure about using something on these irreplaceable photos. There were a couple of photos on the board that I had original copies of. Those were my test photos. The back of the photo had a spot that looked like a grease stain on it. After about ten-15 min it dried and the stain was gone. (Just like it said on the back of the bottle.) It worked! The photos did not come off as easy as I expected but I got the photos off.



To unglue the photos I very carefully lifted the edges of the photos and squirted some UNDO. Then I pulled and scraped up the photo. I did this very carefully. After a few photos I figured out my grandma’s gluing technique. There was just a strip of glue along the top of each photo. This also made the pictures curl up. Which helped to get the UNDO under the photo, since it naturally curled up, it worked with me. There were a couple that we glued in more than one spot and were more difficult to get up. I just took my time and squirted and pulled.


I found it easier to squirt and pull up with my fingers. When it looked like the photo might tear I used the scraped that came with the UNDO. Most of the photos lost some of the paper backing but the photo side was unharmed.


Now that I have all the photos off the next steps are to clean, scan, restore, document, and archive.



During this process I thought a lot about my grandma and my dad. I wondered what his childhood was like, what life was like for my grandma. I look forward to showing them these photos in a photo book of some sort. I also can’t wait to hear the stories that go with the photos. I plan on making two books. One for my grandma for Mother’s day and one for my dad for Father’s day.

What I learned on my 1st photo shoot

My first photo shoot was a maternity shoot with my best friend/sister-in-law and her husband. The first thing we did was to look at other maternity photos for inspiration. We used Pintrest to create an inspiration board. This also helped in learning her style or type of photos she would like. We came up with about ten different poses to try.

When I arrived at their apartment I walked around. I was looking for the best light and a clean background. I did have to remove some photos that were hanging on a wall. (I asked first and then put them back when we were done.) I had my list or cheat sheet to help remind me of the poses we had decided on.

Then we started taking pictures. We took most of them indoors. Our photo shoot was in February. It’s cold. We did venture out to a park for a couple of photos but it was freezing so we hurried through them.

I am glad my first photo shoot was with family. I had no idea what I was doing.  Even though it was family, I was very nervous. I learned a lot from my first shoot.

What I learned on my first photo shoot:

  • Bring a step-ladder. I dragged a chair and a wooden box (both supplied by the client) around to stand on
  • Have a wide-angle lens available if possible. Shooting in a client’s home can be difficult to find the right angle. During two different poses I had TV and a dresser that made it difficult to get the shots I wanted. I shot with a 50mm; if I had a wide-angle lens (I now have a 28mm) I would have been able to get the shot.
  • Go with the flow. While shooting a couple poses my sister-in-law suggested another pose. It was similar but different. I liked having the input and we gave it a shot. (Pun intended)
  • If planning an outdoor photo, scout out a location ahead of time. This seems kind of obvious but we drove around for 10-15 min looking for the perfect spot. It took us longer to find a nice spot than it did to take the pictures. (Probably because it was cold out)
  • Plan out your poses for easy transitioning from one pose to the next. We jumped around from this room to that room. Tried this pose here, then that pose there.
  • Try to keep the shoot short. We were moving around and taking photos for almost four hours. Mary was very enthusiastic through the whole thing but she was exhausted by the end. Remember you are shooting a pregnant lady. When you are pregnant it is harder to move around and you tire easy.

I also gained invaluable experience. I am very thankful that I had this opportunity to learn and capture this special time in my sister-in-law’s life. Most of this may seem like common sense but they are all things I had to learn. We all have to start somewhere and this is where I am at. This was my very 1st photography shoot (my kids don’t really count).

The three biggest lessons I learned during my first photo shoot are to have a plan, have a step-ladder, and have a wider angle lens (if possible). I hope this helps any one starting their adventure in photography.

Any other valuable lessons for us beginners?



My 1st Photo Shoot

I did it. I had my first photo shoot. My best friend(s)/sister-in-law and her husband are pregnant with their first child. I got the honors of capturing this special time for them. Even though it was family, I was extremely nervous. I take a lot of pictures. Of everything. But, these ones had to be good. These had to capture and express a special moment in time. They had to capture the beauty of a new life growing and the love of new parents.














Emmett, you are very protective over your favorite color, yellow. This just started a couple of days ago. You made sure that everyone knew that yellow is your favorite. “yellow my favit.” It doesn’t matter what anything is if it is yellow you have to have it.

You try to resist going down for a nap. Everyday on the way to bed you whine “I don’t wan toooo.” I say, “Yes you do.” You say, “I don’t.” Once tucked in bed, in order to keep you in bed, I have to threaten you with a spanking. I ask, “What happens if you get out of bed.” “A spanking.” I ask, “Do you want a spanking?” You say “No.” As long as we have this conversation you stay in bed.  It doesn’t take long for you to fall asleep. You sleep anywhere from two to three hours.

You sleep with your pillow pet, lion, and we just added a gorilla. You liked to be covered up with your pink blanket, the comforter and then your blankey.

You are very generous with your hugs and kisses.

You are losing your toddlerness and growing into a preschooler. Your imagination is taking off. You use bigger words and longer sentences. We had this conversation after you had a timeout for jumping from the coffee table to the couch. I was in awe that you understood.

Me: “Do you know why you’re in time out?”

Em: “I jumping on table.”

Me: “Are you supposed to be jumping on the table?”

Em: “No”

Me: “What could happen when you’re jumping on the table?”

Em: “I fall and get hurt.”


Garrett, you are getting good at sounding out words and reading. You can tie your shoes. Two days a week you walk through the yard to our neighbors for a ride to the bus stop. I watch you walk through the yard and I’m missing you before you reach the end of the driveway. The other days Daddy drops you off at the bus.

You did “Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?” with Em and a daycare boy. I just smiled to myself, remembering this from my childhood. Some things are timeless.

You are turning into a picky eater. You don’t like your food mixed. Some dinners I keep the meat separate for you. Other dinners you have to suffer through it. You are usually a good sport about trying three bites.

You are a big help with Juliett. She loves her big bother and loves playing with you. You can carry her around. (This is scary but cute). You and Emmett have also been playing very well with each other. You are great at leading him in pretend play. Lately you pretend Em’s bed is a boat or some sort of vehicle. You guys play house and lions. You have a lot of fun playing in your room and on Em’s bed.


Juliett, you can walk along the couch. You like pulling yourself up and looking out the window. Your favorite place to play is in the playroom closet. You can stand for about five seconds by yourself.

Most nights you sleep all night. Every couple of nights you have trouble sleeping. You need your pacifier. Even on nights that you sleep all night, you lose your pacifier and I get up to find it for you. You fuss but you don’t wake. You still sleep in our room.

You are out growing your twelve month clothes but 18 month pants are too long.

You are almost always poopy after every nap.

You are confined to the living room and the play room. When you are allowed to “escape” the playroom you crawl fast. And giggle.

You drink out a sippy cup during the day. Daddy feeds you a bottle before bed.


Jeremy is fighting a cold and watching a lot of YouTube videos.


I am missing my computer. A LOT. It has been six weeks. I am co-planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law/bestie. I ordered some project life supplies from amazon.com.  I am taking some medication for the weaning blues and starting to feel much better. I am slowly catching up with my organization and cleaning. I am looking forward to attending the garden expo with my mom this weekend.


2014 Projects

For 2014 I have big hopes. My plans/goals/projects that I am going to attempt this year are…

One Little Word my word is Do.

Project Life documenting our family life on a weekly basis.

A family photo every month.

The kids’ baby albums.

School album for Garrett.

Our Florida vacation album.

An organized memory box for each of the kids.

Scan all my photos, my parents’, and my grandparents’.

Scan all other memorabilia.

Organize scanned photos and memorabilia. Hard copies and digitally.

Tag digital scrapbook items.

I also want to be more organized, keep up with daycare paper work, get back into the habit of creating weekly menus. I want to get into a cleaning schedule again. I want to be active in my babies’ lives.

I want to start a photo organizing business.

I want to leave this unmotivated funk of 2013 in 2013. So far eight days in I’m still trying to shake it. I’m hoping by focusing on my one little word, Do, will help motivate me.

What are your goals and projects for 2014?
I wish you all the best in accomplishing your goals for 2014.

Dear 2013

Dear 2013,
You went by too fast. You felt like the blur of a race car. You were an unorganized,  chaotic, stressful, yet beautiful year. You are the year I gave birth to our daughter. You are the year I got my first dslr camera. You are the year we moved from an apartment to a house. You are the year Em entered his terorizing twos. You are the year Garrett started going to school all day. You are the year the daycare started bringing in a stable income. You are the year I gained the most weight. 2013, you are the year I discovered what I want to do with my life (outside of being a mom). You are the year we took our first road trip. You are the year of no motivation. You are the year of “last minute” stress. You are the year of surviving with a five year old, a two year old, and a new born. You are the year of a thousand plus photos. You are the year of beautiful fall walks and acorn collecting. You are the year of Garrett’s first snowman. You are the year of a yard to play in. You are the year I decided to make one Saturday a month mine for scrapbooking. 2013, you are now apart of our history. As crazy as it was, I am thankful you were here. Even if it was for just a short while.
With all my love,

Ps. Please forgive my photoless posts for a little bit. I am having technical difficulties with my computer. I made a goal for 2014 to blog more and didn’t want that to stop me. For now I am blogging on my kindle. I will come back with photos as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience. :)

My Blue Frame


I found this frame two summers ago (2012). My parents were flooded twice in one year and I found this frame in what used to be a semi permanent tent/shed. It wasn’t made to withstand a flood let alone two.  The frame originally had a painting in it. Of what, I don’t know. All the color had washed out of it and when I picked up the frame the paper part fell out. I knew this would make a great DIY project.

I brought it home. Cleaned it up. Then browsed pintrest. Check out my boards here and here. I decided to spray paint it my favorite color, teal. I wanted to hang lots of small photos in it, I just wasn’t sure how yet.


I strung three pieces of twine across for a clothes line effect. I hung it on the wall to see how straight my twine was. I didn’t like the way it looked. It sat like that on the wall for awhile. (I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s what happened.)


I’m not sure where (probably pintrest) but I came across the idea of using chicken wire. I knew my parents had some and asked for a piece. It needed a washing and then I spray painted it a black metallic color.


I stapled the chicken wire to the back of the frame. I cut off the extra wire. I hung the frame up on the wall to admire it. We admired it again with out photos for awhile more.


Then June of this year (2013) we moved from our apartment to a house. Yay! My giant frame was the first to be hung  on the wall at the new house. Then, I finally picked out some photos. Had them printed in black and white from Shutterfly (with a coupon code).


I wanted black and white for a timeless or classic look. I tried to choose photos that had meaning or history. Our marriage photo, the babies being weighed at birth, babies with grandparents, first birthdays, etc.  I cropped them to 4×4 and then matted them on 4.25×4.25 white card stock. I wanted the white border and the cardstock helps them stay flat. I then used tiny clothes pins that I bought from amazon.com and hung them up.


That is the story of my blue frame. I love the way it turned out. It took a long time but I love it. I do plan on updating some of the photos. Probably next summer. At the time baby photos were cute but I would like to look at some more recent photos. I am working on more pieces to make a gallery wall of sort. I will share as I go but who knows how long it will take to finish? Smile

Any projects take you a lloonngg time to finish?

Thanks for reading.

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